A solutions for every business finance need

Australia’s finance market has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with more finance opportunities available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on better terms and conditions than ever before.

And thanks to a range of agile and flexible non-bank lenders who specialise in meeting the unique needs of SMEs, securing finance has never been quicker or easier. Applications can sometimes be lodged online in minutes, answers received within hours and funds advanced the same day, giving businesses ready access to a wide range of solutions, from short-term cash injections to 30-year term loans.

Access to capital is essential for any business, yet most will run short at some point and in some seasonal industries it’s a regular occurrence. If you’re growing, you may need to find money to pay for more staff, new equipment and increased stock holdings. And likewise when business temporarily slows or unexpected expenses arise, cash flow can become an issue.

Flexible borrowing facilities such as Overdrafts, Lines of Credit and Cash on Call accounts are many businesses’ first line of defence against working capital shortfalls. You can use them whenever you need to and then pay them back when you don’t, so they are an efficient way to smooth out your cash flow without incurring unnecessary long-term interest payments.

For businesses with money tied up in debtors and outstanding invoices, Invoice Finance can provide a quick and easy cash injection. Instead of waiting weeks or months to be paid, you can access up to 95% of what is owed to you within 24 hours, as and when you need to.

There are many different forms of Invoice Finance to explore, ranging from confidential funding arrangements for selected large invoices to end-to-end accounts receivables and collection services run by third parties on your behalf.

Trade Finance provides up-front funding for the purchase of inventory and raw materials, so you don’t have to turn away new orders. And if you’re buying or selling abroad, Trade Finance also makes international transactions easier. It enables importers to cover cash flow gaps of up to 180 days, and to lock in forex to take advantage of favourable rates. For exporters, it is a way to offer customers longer payment terms without straining your finances.

Asset Finance can fund up to 100% of the value of the tools, equipment and vehicles you need to support the growth of your business without tying up working capital and restricting your cash flow. Alternatively, it can provide access to capital by releasing cash tied up in the assets that your business already owns.

Because the asset provides security for the credit facility, you don’t need to use your home or other property as collateral. Asset Finance allows you to spread the cost of an asset over its usable working life. Depending on the finance agreement terms, you may take ownership of the asset once the final instalment has been made.

Business Loan is a property-secured long-term borrowing facility that allows you to unlock the equity in your home or business premises with less paperwork and supporting documents than a traditional mortgage. The loan is repaid over terms of up to 30 years, with options to redraw or make extra repayments, while you put the capital to work in your business to fuel growth and development, fund a start-up or a business acquisition, or refinance existing debt on better terms.

Unsure about which combination of finance solutions would best meet your business needs?

Contact us for advice and to learn more about the wide range of finance products available to your business and how to access them.

By Richard Holdcroft