Car buyers snapping up petrol-guzzling SUVs

Australia’s automotive industry has raised concerns about the federal government’s vehicle emissions scheme as motorists continue to favour relatively fuel-inefficient SUVs.
Motorists purchased 89,782 new vehicles in January 2024, which was 1.4% more than the previous January record (88,551) set in 2018, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).
SUVs accounted for 55.5% of those purchases, leading FCAI chief executive Tony Weber to warn that the government faced a challenge as it introduced its New Vehicle Emissions Standard from 2025.
“Industry wants an emissions standard that is ambitious without limiting the choice and increasing the cost of the vehicles Australians need and want,” he said.
“For more than a year the industry has been sharing information with the government about what is happening in the suburbs and regions around the country and the preferences and challenges facing families and businesses.”
“Good policy must reflect reality rather than a desktop exercise that makes assumptions about what the world can look like, and we strongly urge the government to share its modelling with us.”
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