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Car buyers snapping up petrol-guzzling SUVs

Australia’s automotive industry has raised concerns about the federal government’s vehicle emissions scheme as motorists continue to favour relatively fuel-inefficient SUVs.   Motorists purchased 89,782 new vehicles in January 2024, which was 1.4% more than the previous January record (88,551) set in 2018, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).   SUVs accounted […]

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Benefits of Asset Finance

Asset and equipment finance plays a key role in Business.  1. Access to assets without a large upfront cost:  Asset finance allows businesses to acquire the assets they need without having to pay the full cost upfront. This can help to preserve cash flow and working capital for other business needs. 2. Tax benefits:  Businesses […]

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New Business – Asset Finance

Let QLD Capital Solutions help you reach your business goals with one of the business loan products, designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Asset financing helps businesses secure access to the vehicles, equipment, machinery and other assets they need without the sizeable cost of purchasing assets upfront. Whether you have only just established […]

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