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Why rents are expected to keep rising

Rents have increased in most capital cities over the past year and are likely to continue rising throughout 2024, according to a leading property data expert.   Between the December quarters of 2022 and 2023, the median rent on rose 11.5%. That included double-digit gains in Perth (20.0%), Melbourne (18.3%), Sydney (16.7%) and Adelaide […]

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Home building approvals slow as construction casts rise

There was a steady decline in the amount of new residential construction that was approved during 2022, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.   A total of 188,765 home building approvals were issued in 2022, compared to 226,629 the year before – a reduction of 16.7%. Although approval numbers jumped […]

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Big labour market changes headed your way

The new Federal government looks poised to make wide-ranging changes to the labour market, some of which could affect your business. Many of these proposed changes were discussed at the Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra at the beginning of September. Some will be good news for small businesses, especially those battling skills shortages. Others […]

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Rents rise from 4.3% in Canberra to 13.4% in Brisbane

Many property investors enjoyed a big rise in their rental income during 2022. CoreLogic has reported that the median rent for an Australia investment property increased 10.2% during the year. The city-by-city breakdown was: Brisbane 13.4% Adelaide 12.9% Sydney 11.4% Perth 11.2% Melbourne 9.6% Hobart 5.3% Darwin 5.1% Canberra 4.3% During 2022, the national vacancy […]

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