Debt Consolidation

Are you stuck of managing multiple loan repayment each month?

Want to save money and wish things could be simpler?

Debt consolidation may be the right thing for you!

Debt consolidation is simply consolidating multiple debts into ONE loan, ONE repayment and ONE lot of interest being charged.

This helps you get a clearer understanding of your financial position. Essentially bringing all your existing debts together into one new debt, you can manage your repayments better and look to save yourself money along the way.

Sounds easy, however you need to make sure that this consolidation will indeed save you money! That is why the team at Qld Capital Solution will work with you to ensure this is the best solution for you.

Some important things to consider when making the decision to consolidate your debt

How much money do you need?

Understanding what debts, you need to consolidate is the first step. Gather up all of your outstanding loans, including any fees and charges that might apply and calculate what you need to borrow.

How much are you currently paying?

Understanding what you are currently paying will allow you to understand what you can afford, and what you are likely to save with the consolidation.

It is important to understand the TOTAL cost of your current loans to ensure that you will indeed be saving money in the long term. The monthly repayment may be reduced but the total interest charged over the term of your new loan may well exceed the current cost.

This is where QLD Capital Solutions will assist, we will break down all the cost involved and explain this all to you, ensuring you make the best decision for your financial future.

Pros of Debt Consolidation

  • Streamlines Finances
  • May Expedite Payoff
  • Could Lower Interest Rate
  • Reduce Monthly Repayments


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