Financial Solutions Tailored for Doctors

At Queensland Capital Solutions, we understand the unique financial needs of medical professionals. Our Medico Finance services are meticulously designed to cater specifically to doctors, offering tailored solutions that align with your professional and personal financial goals.

As a doctor, you juggle multiple responsibilities, from patient care to managing your practice’s financial aspects. Our experienced brokers are here to support you every step of the way, providing access to specialised financial products and services tailored to your unique needs.

Services for Doctors

Specialised Loan Packages: Benefit from custom-tailored loan packages designed specifically for doctors, including flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates.

Equipment Financing: Upgrade your medical equipment with ease through our equipment finance solutions, tailored to fit your budget and practice requirements.

Cash Flow Support: Manage cash flow fluctuations with our cash flow finance options, ensuring financial stability for your practice.

Personalised Guidance: Our team of finance specialists offers personalised guidance and support, helping you make informed financial decisions that align with your professional goals.

Growing Your Practice: Access tailored financial solutions to support establishing, expanding, or upgrading your medical practice.

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Key Advantages of Medico Finance for Doctors:

Competitive Interest Rates: Benefit from reduced interest rates through our partnerships with select banks, ensuring cost-effective borrowing and simplified repayment processes.

Enhanced Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVR): Eligible doctors can access higher LVRs up to 95%, allowing for a larger borrowing percentage against property values with minimal upfront investment—ideal for practice expansions or property acquisitions.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) Benefits: Our partnerships include lenders offering LMI waivers or reductions for doctors, easing initial expenses for loans exceeding 80% of property values.

Customised Loan Packages: Tailored loan solutions with flexible repayment terms, fee waivers, offset accounts, and discounted credit card options designed specifically for doctors.

Flexible Income Assessment: Partnering with lenders specialising in medical finance enables us to assess your borrowing capacity more comprehensively, considering various income sources common among doctors.

Efficient Application Process: Our dedicated team of health finance experts ensures a streamlined loan application process, prioritising quick approvals and timely access to financial solutions, respecting your busy schedule.

Tailored Support for Medical Professionals

At Queensland Capital Solutions, we understand the demands of healthcare professionals. That’s why we offer additional support to fit your busy schedule and assist you with all your financial needs.

 ✔ Flexible Appointment Times: We offer before- and after-hours appointments to accommodate you and ensure you can talk to our QCS finance brokers at a time that works best for you.

Ongoing Collaboration: We collaborate with your business bankers, financial planners, and accountants to ensure your entire financial team is on the same page.

Dedicated wealth and lending app: Our dedicated wealth and lending app will help you always stay on top of your financial position, providing real-time updates and easy access to your financial information. Sign up

Queensland Capital Solutions is committed to helping doctors with the financial tools and guidance needed to achieve both professional and personal success. Whether you’re looking to expand your practice, purchase equipment, or manage cash flow effectively, our Medico Finance services are designed to meet your unique financial needs.

Contact us today to discuss how our Medico Finance solutions can support your aspirations and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence and clarity.

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