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At Queensland Capital Solutions, we’re your trusted partner in your journey to a greener future. Whether you’re looking to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) seeking solar energy solutions for your business or home or looking for, finance for off-grid systems, we’re here to guide you through the world of finance and give you tailored financing solutions.

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With a focus on efficiency, savings, and ongoing support, Queensland Capital Solutions is your key to unlocking the benefits of clean energy and sustainable transportation. 

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EV – Electric Vehicle Finance

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not just a mode of transportation but a commitment to a cleaner, greener future. At QCS Finance, we are here to help you make it happen. Our EV financing solutions enable individuals and businesses across Australia to embrace the EV revolution.

We’ll work closely with you to find the ideal financing solution that aligns with your budget and goals.

No two EV buyers are the same, and neither are their financing needs. QCS Finance offers a range of financing options, including.

  • finance leases
  • chattel mortgages
  • balloon payments available


We tailor our solutions to match your specific requirements, whether you’re an individual seeking a personal EV or a business expanding its electric fleet.

QCS Finance is a proud member of CAFBA (Commercial and Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia) and FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia). Demonstrating our commitment to professionalism, transparency, and ethical business practices. When you choose Queensland Capital Solutions, you’re choosing a partner you can trust.

Driving Towards Sustainability: Incentives for EV Buyers Across Australia

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Australia gathers momentum, it’s noteworthy that EVs constituted merely 4% in New South Wales and Victoria and 3% in Queensland in 2022, but just 1% in the Northern Territory. Against the backdrop of nationwide efforts to curb emissions, various government initiatives aim to incentivise consumers to transition to electric mobility.

Queensland (QLD)

EV buyers in Queensland can avail a $3000 rebate for new EVs up to $58,000 in cost. Additionally, electric and hybrid vehicles are eligible for discounted stamp duty, with rates of $2 per $100 of sales value (up to $100,000) and $4 per $100 beyond that. This stands in contrast to the stamp duty of up to $6 per $100 for higher emission vehicles.

Terms and conditions apply*

New South Wales (NSW)

Since September 1, 2021, NSW has granted a $3000 rebate for the first 25,000 battery-electric and fuel-cell EVs priced under $68,750. Vehicles, both new and used, under $78,000 are exempt from stamp duty. Some low-emission plug-in hybrid EVs qualify for a modest concession on motor vehicle tax during registration.

Terms and conditions apply*

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

New zero-emission vehicles, encompassing EVs, receive two years of free registration. EVs are exempt from stamp duty, while plug-in hybrids secure a 20% duty discount.

Terms and conditions apply*

Victoria (VIC)

Victoria offers a $3000 rebate for new EVs under $68,740, applicable to the first 4000 vehicles sold. EVs are exempt from luxury vehicle stamp duty rates, instead incurring a flat rate of $8.40 per $200 of market value. Zero or low emission vehicles, including EVs, enjoy a $100 annual registration discount, though this doesn’t apply to conventional hybrids.

Terms and conditions apply*

Northern Territory (NT)

From July 2022, buyers of new or used EVs, fuel-cell, and plug-in hybrids receive a $1500 stamp duty discount for five years. Both new and existing EVs benefit from free registration.

Terms and conditions apply*

South Australia (SA)

For the first 7000 new EV or fuel-cell EV sales below $68,750, a $3000 rebate is provided.

Terms and conditions apply*

Western Australia (WA)

Starting May 2022, the initial 10,000 buyers of new EVs and fuel-cell EVs with costs under $70,000 can enjoy a $3500 rebate.

Terms and conditions apply*

Tasmania (TAS)

From July 2021, a two-year stamp duty waiver is enacted for all new and used EV purchases, irrespective of price.

Terms and conditions apply*

Solar Finance for Residential, Commercial, & Rural Application

At QCS Finance, whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or someone living in rural Australia. Our solar energy finance solutions open the door to a cleaner, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy future. At QCS we can offer a range of solar energy financing options, each designed to cater to the unique needs of residential, commercial, and rural applications.

Residential Solar Finance

Homeowners looking to harness the power of the sun, QCS Finance offers a wide range of accessible and affordable home solar financing options. Whether you’re interested in rooftop solar panels or a complete solar energy system, we provide the financial support you need to make your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Rural Solar Finance

Living in rural Australia comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. QCS Finance specialises in rural solar financing, recognising the importance of energy independence and sustainability in remote areas. We make it easier for rural communities to access and benefit from solar energy solutions.

Commercial Solar Finance

Business owners, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial solar financing solutions are tailored to help businesses of all sizes integrate solar power into their operations. By reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint, you can enhance sustainability and profitability simultaneously.

Our large network of trusted lenders enables us to secure competitive interest rates and favourable terms for your solar financing. We work diligently to provide you with the best financial options available in the market. Unlock the potential of solar energy for your residential, commercial, or rural applications with QCS Finance by your side.

Benefits of Solar

Reduce Energy Bills:

Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, reducing your reliance on grid power and significantly saving energy bills.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Investing in solar offers a strong ROI over time, with the potential to generate surplus energy that can be sold back to the grid.

Tax Incentives:

Solar projects often qualify for government tax incentives, providing you with deductions or credits that directly impact your financial returns.

Energy Independence:

By producing your electricity, you become less susceptible to fluctuating energy prices, providing stability to your long-term financial planning.

Increased Property Value:

Solar installations can increase the value of your property, making it a more attractive asset on the market.

Environmental Certifications:

Some regions offer green certificates or renewable energy credits for solar installations, which can be sold to offset your upfront costs.

Long-Term Savings:

Solar systems have a long lifespan, delivering consistent energy savings for years, further enhancing your financial benefits.

Off-Grid System

At QCS Finance, we’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses embrace off-grid living through tailored financing solutions. Off-grid solar systems precisely offer a self-reliant, sustainable energy source that empowers you to live, work, and thrive, even in remote locations.

The off-grid lifestyle offers a world of possibilities, from remote cabins to sustainable farms and beyond. With QCS Finance, you can make this vision a reality. Discover the freedom, independence, and peace of mind that come with off-grid living. Our team of experts guides you in selecting the right off-grid solar system, battery storage solutions, and financing options. We’re here to ensure your off-grid journey is a successful one.

Discover sustainable financing solutions options with Queensland Capital Solutions Green Financing. From Electric Vehicle (EV) finance to harnessing solar energy, we help you make your eco-friendly choices. Benefit from competitive rates, government incentives, and a seamless process. Take a step towards a greener future with QCS.


What does "Sustainable Financing Solutions" mean?

Sustainable financing solutions refer to financial services that support eco-friendly and environmentally responsible investments, aligning with the principles of sustainability and responsible resource use.

What is the focus of QCS's EV finance solutions?

QCS’s EV finance solutions are designed to support the shift towards a sustainable future by making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable. We work closely with lenders to secure competitive rates, ensuring that EV ownership becomes a feasible choice for our clients.

Can QCS assist with solar financing for both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, QCS offers comprehensive financing options for a range of solar projects, including residential and commercial solar installations. Our team collaborates with lenders to secure competitive rates and flexible terms for both types of solar systems.

What financial benefits can I expect from solar installations?

Investing in solar brings several financial benefits, including reduced energy bills, a strong Return on Investment (ROI) over time, potential tax incentives, increased property value, and long-term energy savings. Additionally, solar projects can generate surplus energy that can be sold back to the grid.

Are there tax incentives or credits for businesses investing in sustainable projects?

Yes, many regions offer tax incentives or credits for businesses investing in sustainable projects, promoting environmentally friendly initiatives through financial benefits.

Can I bundle multiple sustainable projects under one financing arrangement?

Absolutely. Bundling multiple sustainable projects into one financing arrangement streamlines the process, making it more convenient and cost-effective for businesses seeking comprehensive environmental improvements.

How does the loan approval process for sustainable projects differ from traditional loans?

The approval process for sustainable projects often considers environmental impact and long-term sustainability, with lenders evaluating the project’s contribution to a greener future alongside traditional financial metrics.

Can I upgrade my existing solar installation with financing from QCS?

Yes, Queensland Capital Solutions offers financing options to upgrade existing solar installations, enabling businesses to enhance their sustainability efforts efficiently.

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