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Secure Funding for Vehicles & Equipment with the QCS

Vehicle Finance

Secure Funding for Vehicle & Equipment with QCS

Queensland Capital Solutions are your trusted brokers specialising in everything asset finance.

Whether you need vehicles, equipment, trucks & trailers or you seeking specialist finance for medical equipment, we are here to assist you in securing the funding you need.

Our team of professionals brings a wealth of experience in financing various assets. They understand that investing in business equipment can be complex. At QCS we are committed to delivering the right lending options that cater to your business or personal requirements.

With Queensland Capital Solutions you get a dedicated team you can call on for all your lending needs and advice, not just a one-off transaction like dealership finance.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance allows businesses or individuals to acquire assets such as Vehicles, General Business Equipment and much more without making a full upfront payment. Lenders provide funds for the purchase or lease of the assets. Borrowers repay the lender through regular instalments over an agreed period, often with interest. Asset finance options include business vehicles, equipment, personal cars, trucks, trailers, and earthmoving and mining equipment. The approach enables businesses to acquire necessary assets while spreading costs, preserving working capital, and managing cash flow. It is commonly used in industries requiring expensive assets, such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, and technology.

Asset Finance with QCS

  • Expert Guidance
  • Access to Multiple Lenders
  • Time and Efficiency
  • Flexible Financing
  • Risk Management
  • Ongoing Support
  • Save Money
  • Simplified Process
  • Focus on your Objectives
  • Trust Partner

New to Business & Need a Vehicle or Equipment?

At QCS we can assist clients with vehicle and equipment purchases who have or are about to go into business for themselves.

We help many tradies who transition from PAYG to self-employed and need a vehicle for work or equipment to aid in the generation of income for their business.

We can provide finance for clients with New ABNs and PAYG clients who use their vehicles for more than 50% of work use.

Types of Assets we fund

Business Vehicle & Equipment Lending Solutions

If you’re a business owner seeking vehicle financing, Queensland Capital Solutions offers business vehicle loans, including Chattel Mortgage, leasing options and rent-to-own options. We also provide Novated Leasing for large corporations, Master Limit Facilities, Sale, and lease back options.

Whether you require vehicles, equipment specialised and non-specialised, non-specialised machinery, or other valuable assets. Our team will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and recommend financing options that align with your budget and cash flow. We have access to a network of lenders who specialise in business vehicle loans and can offer competitive rates and favourable terms to find the best financing solutions for you.

Business to Business Finance Facilities

We also provide in house financing solutions to the B2B market allowing business to take a hands on approach to financing their product to other business.

This can provide business and industries that sell IT equipment, cleaning equipment, plant and Machinery, Beauty therapy equipment and much, much more.

Systems can be easily set up and full training and support is provided.

Mining Equipment

Earthmoving & Mining Equipment – Yellow Gear

If you are involved in the earth-moving industry time and delays can cost, you more than money.

QCS understands the challenges faced by plant and equipment operators and the impacts on cash flow, equipment, and reputation.

At QCS we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective and flexible solutions to both small and large operators looking to expand or replace equipment in their fleet.

Having a relationship with an experienced finance broker can save you thousands when time means money. We have a range of lenders available and can also arrange master limits for large clients who want additional efficiency and flexibility in their financing.

Financing for attachments such as Buckets, GPS and navigation units, Hydraulic attachments, drill rigs and more.

Common equipment financed includes Bobcats, Mini Excavator, Excavators, Loaders, Scrapers, Water trucks, tipper Trucks, Graders, Rollers, and bulldozers.

Truck & Trailer Finance

If you’re in the market for a truck or trailer for your business, Queensland Capital Solutions can help secure you a deal allowing you to get behind the wheel faster.

We understand that trucks and trailers are essential assets for a range of industries. This is why we have access to a network of lenders who also specialise in financing for the logistics, mining, and agriculture industries. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and find a financing solution that aligns with your business growth and objectives.

New and used truck finance is available for private sales, auctions, and dealership sales.

Farming Equipment Finance

Are you looking for a finance broker that understands your business operations and the agriculture sector?

Look no further than QCS. We have a profound comprehension of the unique financing needs of the farming industry. By closely collaborating with farmers, we adeptly navigate the complexities associated with obtaining finance for acquiring or leasing vital farming equipment, including tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and more. Leveraging our expertise and extensive network of lenders, we enable farmers to access competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and tailored loan structures that align with their specific requirements. At QCS, we secure the necessary funding, enabling farmers to invest in cutting-edge equipment. This enhances productivity and ensures the agriculture sector’s long-term prosperity.

Personal & Business Finance

Whether you’re seeking funds for personal expenses such as home renovations, education, or travel, or require financial support for your business growth, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our experienced team collaborates with lenders for personalised rates and terms that suit your unique needs. We invest the time to comprehend your financial objectives and provide personalised guidance to help you make informed decisions. With QCS as your trusted partner, you can expect exceptional service and access to a wide range of financial products that meet your personal and business finance needs. Let us help you achieve your financial aspirations and pave the way for a brighter future.

Car Finance

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, Queensland Capital Solutions can provide you with car finance options that suit your needs. Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle for personal use or as part of your business operations. We will provide you with guidance throughout the process and connect you with lenders who provide competitive rates and flexible terms for car financing.

Vehicle Finance

EV – Electric Vehicle Finance

Electric vehicles (EV) are accelerating towards a sustainable future.

QCS is dedicated to supporting the shift towards a sustainable future through tailored finance solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). Our team understands the increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation options, and we offer a variety of flexible financing options to help drive the Sunshine Coast towards a greener future. Working closely with lenders, we secure competitive interest rates and favourable terms for our clients, ensuring that EV ownership is accessible and affordable. We are well-informed about government incentives and can provide guidance on accessing grants, rebates, and tax credits specific to EV purchases. With our expertise and personalised service, QCS is your trusted partner in navigating the world of EV finance, making the transition to electric vehicles seamless and cost-effective.

Caravan Finance

We understand the joy and freedom that caravan ownership brings, and we are here to help you make your dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking for a new or used caravan, our dedicated team works closely with lenders to secure competitive interest rates and flexible terms that suit your financial situation. We assist you throughout the entire financing process, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless experience. With our expertise in caravan finance and a commitment to personalized service, QCS becomes your reliable partner. We ensure you secure the funds needed for your next adventure. let us help you hit the road with confidence.

Commercial Loans for Caravans can also be great for businesses that require a mobile site office.  Offering a convenient solution to business owners that operate in remote locations where office or accommodation can be in short supply.

Marine, Boats and Jet Ski Finance

At QCS, our goal is to ensure your water adventures are stress-free by providing a wide range of financing options for charter boats, commercial boats, jet skis, and commercial fishing vessels. With our extensive network of lenders and years of expertise in loan organisation, we can offer you the most competitive rates in the market. When you choose QCS, you can count on a seamless online boat financing experience, superior rates compared to traditional banks, and a team of dedicated brokers who will support you throughout the entire process. Our priority is to make your financing journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

Solar Finance for Residential, Commercial, & Rural Applications

We understand the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions and offer comprehensive financing options to support your solar projects. Whether you’re a business owner looking to invest in commercial solar panels, our dedicated team works closely with lenders. We secure competitive rates and flexible terms for residential solar systems too. We are well-versed in the intricacies of solar finance and can guide you through accessing government incentives, grants, and rebates available for solar installations. With our expertise and commitment to personalised service, QCS is your reliable partner in navigating the world of solar finance, helping you embrace clean energy and maximise your financial benefits. Let us assist you in harnessing the power of the sun and making a positive environmental impact.

Bad Credit Car Loans

At Queensland Capital Solutions, we understand that past financial challenges can sometimes impact your credit history. If you have bad credit but need a car loan, we can help. We have access to lenders who specialise in bad credit loans and can work with you to find a financing solution that suits your circumstances. Our team believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and we’re here to assist you in rebuilding your credit while getting the vehicle you need.

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans Guaranteed Approval – If you have bad credit and are struggling with multiple debts. Our QCS financial experts can assist you in consolidating your debts.

Remember, it is essential to seek guidance from our team to obtain personalised recommendations and customised solutions for your asset finance requirements.

Do you Qualify for Streamlined Vehicle & Equipment Finance?

Streamlined Equipment Leasing

At QCS we offer you tailored leasing solutions that will empower your business to thrive. With our network of reputable lenders and financial institutions, we can secure competitive rates and flexible terms that suit your budget and cash flow.

Experience that power of equipment without the burden of high upfront costs.

  • New - 5 years old
  • Property Owner/ Deposite
  • Dealer or Private
  • Clean Credit

Lend up to $150k + GST Lo-Doc conditions

Credit Scores for company and directors 600+

2 Years ABN

GST Registered 24 months+

Terms up to 84 months

Asset-backed director.

Lend up to $150k + GST Solar Equipment Lo-Doc conditions

Credit Scores for company and directors 550+

2 Years ABN

GST Registered 24 months+

Terms up to 84 months

Asset-backed director.

Clean Energy installer certified.

List of qualifying Assets

Diagnostic Equipment Gym Equipment ($75K + GST)
GPS for Excavators Light & Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifting Equipment (Hoists/lifts)
Security & Cameras Printing/Packing Equipment
Pokies Machines Refrigerated Displays & Baking Equipment
Mobile Column Lifts (for trucks, buses, trailers, and more) Engineering & Toolmaking Equipment
Posts Lifts Woodworking & Metalworking Equipment
Sky Lifts Mechanical Workshop Equipment
Roller Brake/Stop Testers Food Manufacturing Equipment
Wheel Balancers Forklifts & Material Handling Equipment
3D Wheel Aligners Compressors & Generators
Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems (Related to trucks, buses & Trailers) Laboratory/Vet/Medical Equipment
Skip Bins Drones/ Robotic Equipment
Solar & Batteries Cleaning Equipment
CNC Equipment LED (signs, touch screens)
Hi Tech, Visual – Audio Yellow Goods up to $75K + GST
Security Systems Car Wash Equipment
100% Software & IT Hardware Fit Out (Only tangible assets, no custom made items) ($75+ GST)

Car Loan Repayment Calculator

What do I need to Apply for Finance?

New Business

ABN & GST registration 0-1 year


Driver’s licence

Cash flow forecast, contract, or work letter

Contract if applicable

Existing Business

ABN & GST registration 2 or more years


Privacy consent form

Driver’s licence

Clean credit file (paid defaults up to $1000 are okay)

Property backed and non-property backed

New vehicles and equipment up to 5 years old



Privacy form

ID Drivers licence


Income statements or bank statement data

Property backed or non-property-backed.

Asset financing, alternatively referred to as equipment financing, offers businesses an efficient method to obtain essential tools without disrupting their cash flow.

At QCS, you deal with a lending specialist who will simplify the application process on your behalf. Rather than conducting separate research, comparisons, and applications, simply share your desired asset details with our experts. We’ll manage the entire process for you.

Financing Options for your Asset Finance

When it comes to acquiring essential assets for your business, asset finance offers a flexible and efficient solution. As financial brokers, we recognise that understanding the space of financing choices can be a daunting task. That’s why at QCS we are here to guide you through the available choices and help you make informed decisions.

Finance Lease

With a finance lease, you can enjoy the use of the asset without bearing the risks of ownership. The lessor retains ownership, and you pay regular lease payments for the agreed lease term. At the end of the lease term, you can often choose to extend the lease, upgrade the asset, or return it.

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is a popular option for businesses that want immediate ownership of an asset. The lender provides funds for the purchase, and the asset serves as collateral for the loan. When the loan is paid off, the mortgage is cancelled, and you become the sole owner of the asset.

Operating Lease

Operating leases are ideal for businesses that require assets on a short-term basis or anticipate regular equipment upgrades. You can use the asset for an agreed-upon period while making regular lease payments. At the end of the lease, you can return the asset or negotiate an extension.

Asset-Based Loans (Sale & Lease Back)

Asset-based loans leverage the value of your existing assets to secure financing. These loans can be beneficial for businesses with valuable assets but limited cash flow. Lenders provide funds based on the appraised value of the asset, offering flexible access to capital.

Balloon Payments

A residual or balloon payment refers to a final lump sum payment that is required at the end of the loan term to fully own the asset. Typically, this payment is equal to or lower than the depreciated value of the asset. By including a residual payment in your loan agreement, you can enjoy smaller repayments throughout the loan term. This allows you to plan for the final lump sum payment.

When the final payment’s due, options vary based on the chosen asset finance type:

  1. Trade in the leased asset and utilise the agreed value to cover the balloon payment.
  2. Take out a new loan to cover the outstanding amount and continue making payments until you gain full ownership of the asset.
  3. Pay the lump sum to secure complete ownership of the asset.

A loan with a balloon payment can be suitable if you:

  • Prefer to maximise your available cash flow to support business growth.
  • Want to establish a positive payment history and demonstrate the ability to make lump-sum payments, showcasing your savings capability.
  • Desire a loan option that does not require an upfront deposit for the asset purchase.


Residual or balloon payments offer flexibility and the opportunity to structure your loan payments according to your specific financial circumstances and goals. It is advisable to consult with a finance professional to determine if this type of loan is suitable for your business needs.

Choosing the right financing option for asset finance is crucial to the success of your business. As finance brokers, at QCS we can guide you through the complexities of asset finance, helping you understand each option’s benefits and considerations. Whether you need equipment, vehicles, or machinery, asset finance provides the means to acquire essential assets while preserving your cash flow.


QCS is a proud member of CAFBA (Commercial and Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia), a leading industry association representing finance brokers specialising in commercial and asset finance. As a CAFBA member, QCS demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism. As a CAFBA member, QCS gains resources, expertise, and networking, boosting asset finance proficiency. This association allows us to stay updated on the latest trends, regulations, and best practices in the field.

We can provide clients with comprehensive and tailored solutions for their asset financing needs. Partnering with QCS, a CAFBA member, assures clients of a reliable finance broker, following best practices, committed to exceptional service.

Small - CAFBA


Do you need more security for a loan for asset financing?

Generally no, however,

Additional security may be required depending on various factors such as the lender’s policies, the value of the asset being financed, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the specific terms of the loan. When asset value falls short, lenders may seek additional security like personal guarantees, cash deposits, or other assets. The specific requirements for additional security will vary among lenders and should be discussed during the loan application process.

Is a deposit required for an asset finance loan?

The amount of a deposit required for an asset finance loan can change depending on the lender’s policies, the kind of asset being financed, and the borrower’s creditworthiness, among other things. In many cases, lenders may require a deposit or down payment as a percentage of the asset’s purchase price. Deposit amounts differ; lenders often need 10-30% of the asset’s value as a standard requirement. However, there are also asset finance options available that may not require a deposit, especially for certain assets or under specific circumstances. It is best to consult with our QCS financial experts to understand the deposit requirements specific to your asset finance loan.

My company just got started. Can I get a loan?

Some banks and lenders may require a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) that has been active for at least two years to qualify for a loan however it is possible depending on the start-up nature of the business, business plan cash flow forecast and work agreements in place.

What details must I include on a credit application?

The requirements for an asset finance loan can vary based on the value and type of asset being financed.

For streamlined applications, you just need a completed form, ID, asset invoice, and property ownership rates notice.

For full applications, typically lenders will ask for certain documentation to assess your eligibility. This may include providing at least two years of financial statements, a statement of position for shareholders or directors, cash flow projections, and specific details about the asset you intend to purchase.

How long can I finance the asset?

Typically, vehicle and equipment financiers offer loan terms ranging from 12 months to 84 months.

However, for higher-value assets with a longer useful life, it may be possible to secure finance terms of up to 10 years. This longer duration helps borrowers distribute repayments, easing the load for substantial investments. It’s important to discuss the specific loan terms and options with our QCS financial experts to determine the most suitable duration for your financing needs.

Can I refinance an existing asset finance loan for better terms?

Yes, refinancing an existing asset finance loan for better terms is possible. By reassessing your financial situation and negotiating with lenders, you may secure improved terms, such as lower interest rates or extended repayment periods, potentially reducing your overall financial burden.

Can I use asset finance to purchase used equipment?

Absolutely! Asset finance is commonly used to fund the purchase of both new and used equipment. Lenders understand that businesses may prefer or need to acquire pre-owned assets, making it a flexible option for various equipment needs.

How does asset financing differ from traditional business loans?

Asset financing is specifically designed to fund the acquisition of assets such as equipment or vehicles, using the asset itself as collateral. Traditional business loans, on the other hand, provide funds for general business needs and may require different forms of collateral, focusing less on the specific asset being financed.

What happens if the asset is damaged or becomes obsolete during the financing period?

If the financed asset is damaged or becomes obsolete, the consequences depend on the terms of the financing agreement. Some agreements may include insurance provisions to cover damages, while others may allow for upgrades or adjustments to the financing terms in the case of obsolescence. It’s crucial to carefully review and understand the terms of the asset finance agreement to address such situations.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with our QCS finance professionals, to receive personalised advice and tailored solutions for your asset finance needs. Secure your asset finance today with Queensland Capital Solutions. Use our convenient car loan repayment and finance calculators with balloon options to plan your budget.

Get a quote and our QCS experts will be in contact with you ASAP, or Contact us now. Drive your business forward with QCS Vehicle and Equipment Finance!

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