Impacts of Cost of Living Crisis on Children Motives Finance Company’s Fundraising Blitz

Here and Now Magazine issue #16

A Sunshine Coast business has launched a year-long fundraising blitz to help reduce the burden on the families of the growing number of children who are going to school hungry, or without vital school supplies, due to the ever-increasing cost of living.

The current financial pressure on families has numerous on flow-on effects, including impacting the ability of children to concentrate at school, effecting their learning and self-confidence, and also limiting their opportunities to develop extra-curricular interests through sport, music and art.

Concerns over these social shortcomings convinced Adrian Mula, who owns finance and lending business Queensland Capital Solutions, to launch a year of fundraising initiatives that he hopes will help make life better for many of those in of need.

‘When our children were younger and attending school, we did see some local families who were struggling – and with the cost of living going through the roof now, I think we will we see the flow-on effects and how these impact families,’ Adrian explained.

The cost of living has steadily increased due to inflation of around 8% over the past 12 months – a shock compared to the virtual nil growth over the preceding years.

‘We do see how hard it is, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner with a mortgage or someone looking for a rental property, we hear all sides of the story and how expensive it is,’ Adrian said.

‘The Sunshine Coast is the epicentre of small business in Queensland; per capita, we certainly outdo ourselves here, there’s a lot of one-man bands, many mum-and-dad businesses that make up the numbers. While recent trading conditions have been great, we are now starting to see some stress with business costs increasing. It’s tough, and many are going to face challenges over the coming months.’

Adrian, along with wife Jody and daughter Mayah, who both also work in the business, and son Riley was convinced he wanted to take action to help fix the situation, but he also wanted to feel confident all the money he managed to raise through his business as well as his many business contacts, would go directly to those suffering – so he chose to partner with the Inclusive Kids charity, managed by IFYS.

‘When we knew that we wanted to start giving back to the community, it was just an issue of finding the right group for us, finding that right organisation that I guess had the right people in place, we knew where the money was going, and they had roots in the community,’ Adrian explained.

‘So, when IFYS and Inclusive Kids came up, and I started to hear more and more about them, and the good things they do, I decided to reach out and was pleasantly surprised that they were exactly who we were looking for in relation to a partnership.’

The Inclusive Kids Fund is a funding program that distributes 100% of all money raised directly to individuals with a wide range of needs, who are residents of the region in which the funding has been raised. All administration and costs of the distribution are covered by the fund’s host, IFYS Ltd.

‘It was good knowing that Inclusive Kids has programs in place, where they are very focused on getting kids to school, making sure they had proper school equipment, bags, books, everything like that,’ Adrian said.

‘I also noticed that, this year, a big focus was making sure kids showed up at school with lunch, so they could go to classes and not have to worry about how hungry they were; they could concentrate, do really well, so I thought that was terrific.’

‘It’s great to hear that the money is going where it’s needed.’

Queensland Capital Solutions, which is this year marking eight years in business, specialising in SME finance, home loans, self-managed super fund lending, vehicle and equipment finance, has launched several fundraising initiatives.

‘For every loan that is written through our organisation, $25 of what we are paid goes to Inclusive Kids, so that’s on every settled deal that we do across home lending, asset finance, commercial lending – you name it, everything,’ Adrian outlined.

‘Also, for Inclusive Kids only, we’re putting a “giving back” page on our website – we’ve nominated a 12-month fundraising target of $10,000 to go to Inclusive Kids programs, and that will be on the site with a running tally, where people can donate to the cause.’

On top of this, Adrian plans to host fundraising charity events for his long list of business contacts.

‘I’m an ex-small business specialist and business banker for ANZ and Westpac so I have a lot of commercial clients that I deal with regularly, and I’d love to take them out for a special dinner or on a boat cruise, for example, and invite them to donate, with all funds raised going to this worthy cause.’

Adrian, his family, and business colleagues hope the initiatives by Queensland Capital Solutions will help to lift up families and their children who would otherwise continue to struggle to have their basic school needs met.

To learn more and follow the progress of the year of fundraising, or to contribute in some way, visit:

Adrian also encourages other businesses to consider following his company’s lead to help address the cost of living crisis impacting Sunshine Coast children.

‘It’s not going to get any easier this year for families to feed their kids, or support them with outdoor activities and schoolbooks, so we’re definitely encouraging other businesses to help out where they can.’

Words: Richard Bruinsma