Rents rising fastest for large houses and small units

As any property investor could tell you, rents have grown strongly over the past year.

But when you drill down into the data, as did, you discover that some types of rental property have been more in-demand with tenants than others.

Between the September quarters of 2021 and 2022, demand was higher for houses (which experienced an 11.1% annual increase in rents) than units (7.1%).

Drilling down further, by bedroom size, it turns out that houses with more bedrooms were more popular than those with less:

  • 2 bedrooms7% annual growth
  • 3 bedrooms 3%
  • 4 bedrooms 0%
  • 5 and more bedrooms 4%

For units, the results were different:

  • 1 bedroom 1% annual growth
  • 2 bedrooms 4%
  • 3 and more bedrooms 0%

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5 good reasons you should invest in the market today

One of the world’s largest real estate firms has given five very good reasons why “Australian real estate represents a compelling investment”.

  1. CBRE said Australian real estate has provided an average return of 9.5% per annum over the past decade – significantly higher than the average home loan interest rate during that period.
  2. Rental vacancy rates are below 1% in some cities. When supply is low, demand is high, which is translating into “robust rent growth”.
  3. Australia’s population is forecast to grow 14% between in 2021-2030, which would be the “highest amongst leading economies”. More people would mean more demand for real estate.
  4. Australia has a “strong” and “resilient” economy, which makes it a good place to invest.
  5. Local real estate is relatively easy to sell if you decide you want to cash out. CBRE said Australia ranks sixth in the world on the dollar value of property transactions.

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