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Benefits of Asset Finance

Asset and equipment finance plays a key role in Business.  1. Access to assets without a large upfront cost:  Asset finance allows businesses to acquire the assets they need without having to pay the full cost upfront. This can help to preserve cash flow and working capital for other business needs. 2. Tax benefits:  Businesses […]

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What’s better? Banks vs. Finance Brokers

The options can seem overwhelming when it comes to securing financial assistance, whether for a home loan, business investment, or personal project. Two prominent avenues often stand out: Traditional Banks and Modern Finance Brokers. While both have their merits, we’ll show why finance brokers might be your go-to choice for a smoother and more tailored […]

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Rents rise from 4.3% in Canberra to 13.4% in Brisbane

Many property investors enjoyed a big rise in their rental income during 2022. CoreLogic has reported that the median rent for an Australia investment property increased 10.2% during the year. The city-by-city breakdown was: Brisbane 13.4% Adelaide 12.9% Sydney 11.4% Perth 11.2% Melbourne 9.6% Hobart 5.3% Darwin 5.1% Canberra 4.3% During 2022, the national vacancy […]

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Know your Numbers

Don’t go it alone and always seek expert advice Small and medium business owners are very often successful because of the passion they have for their business. However, what they don’t always have is a high level of support, guidance, and expert advice of a professional in business finance. That one-on-one access to someone who […]

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5 Ways to Respond to Rising Interest Rates

As you are aware, interest rates are going up. The Reserve Bank of Australia increased interest rates for the seventh consecutive month on November 1, 2022, increasing the cash rate by 25 basis points to 2.85 percent, the highest level in nine years. Home loan and business rate increases will follow.   So, what should […]

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