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Debt Consolidation

Are you stuck of managing multiple loan repayment each month? Want to save money and wish things could be simpler? Debt consolidation may be the right thing for you! Debt consolidation is simply consolidating multiple debts into ONE loan, ONE repayment and ONE lot of interest being charged. This helps you get a clearer understanding […]

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Set up for success: 7 money management basics for building a sustainable, profitable business

If you’re starting out in business, you may have heard some less-than-encouraging figures about your chances of success. For example, statistics from the 2020 Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman’s report show roughly one in three won’t last five years. Fortunately, many small businesses do thrive. Starting out on the right financial foot can go a […]

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Big labour market changes headed your way

The new Federal government looks poised to make wide-ranging changes to the labour market, some of which could affect your business. Many of these proposed changes were discussed at the Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra at the beginning of September. Some will be good news for small businesses, especially those battling skills shortages. Others […]

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How Does Invoice Finance Differ From Supply Chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance and Invoice Finance can be effective solutions for raising working capital. With the pandemic stretching supply chains and liquidity for businesses worldwide, these financing solutions have become increasingly popular ways to manage cash flow. While there are similarities in how these funding solutions work, there are also significant differences. It’s important to […]

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A solutions for every business finance need

Australia’s finance market has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with more finance opportunities available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on better terms and conditions than ever before. And thanks to a range of agile and flexible non-bank lenders who specialise in meeting the unique needs of SMEs, securing finance has never been quicker […]

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Rents rise from 4.3% in Canberra to 13.4% in Brisbane

Many property investors enjoyed a big rise in their rental income during 2022. CoreLogic has reported that the median rent for an Australia investment property increased 10.2% during the year. The city-by-city breakdown was: Brisbane 13.4% Adelaide 12.9% Sydney 11.4% Perth 11.2% Melbourne 9.6% Hobart 5.3% Darwin 5.1% Canberra 4.3% During 2022, the national vacancy […]

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